Get the 8 Colorful Abstract New iPad Pro Wallpapers

8 new colorful wallpapers from iPad Pro

Apple introduced the all new 2018 iPad Pro with a snazzy redesign, and as is often the case with new iOS hardware, the latest iPad Pro comes with a collection of all new wallpapers.

The latest batch of iPad Pro wallpapers feature colorful splashes, smears, and swirls of various paints, and the abstract art images make for excellent wallpapers for not just iPad but also for other iOS devices and Macs too (and probably Windows, Linux, and Android as well).

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to launch the full size wallpaper image into a new web browser window which you can then save to your device to set it as the wallpaper.

For iOS, tap and hold on the picture then choose “Save”, then find the picture(s) in your Photos app where you can set the image as your wallpaper on any iPhone or iPad.

For Mac, right-click on the picture and choose “Save as”, then locate where you saved the picture to so that you can set it as the desktop wallpaper on Mac.

blue on black splash

red on black

green on black

orange on black

pink and blue

red, pink, and black

blue, green, pink

orange and blue

If you want all of the images but don’t want to bother saving them all independently, you can also choose to download the wallpapers all together as a zip file from DropBox here or Mega here, at least while those download links are active.

These wallpaper images are provided and hosted by 9to5mac, who presumably extracted them from the iOS 12.1 IPSW files for the new iPad Pro so that everyone can enjoy them in their full resolution, so cheers to them for getting the great wallpapers out there.

If you enjoyed these wallpaper images, you might also like the new paint bubble wallpapers from iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS or the new colorful bubble wallpapers from iPhone XR too, or perhaps you just want to browse our entire wallpaper archives to find something more suitable to your liking.


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