Troubleshooting iOS 13 Update Problems: Stuck on Update Requested, Verifying, etc

Troubleshooting iOS 13 update

iOS 13 is available to download and install for iPhone and iPod touch, and iPadOS 13.1 will be released soon for iPad. While for most users installing and updating iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 will go smoothly and work out fine, some users are experiencing various problems with the iOS 13 software update while attempting to update, or attempting to download and install the update.

We’ll review various iOS 13 update problems and offer some troubleshooting solutions.

First, be aware that most of the update issues discussed here are simply because of Apple servers being overloaded with requests to download iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Accordingly, having a bit of patience is usually all you need to resolve these sort of update issues.

Be sure you have made a fresh backup of iPhone or iPad to iCloud and/or iTunes on a computer first. Never attempt to install any system software update without having a fresh backup.

iOS 13 Stuck on “Update Requested” When Downloading

If you find the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is stuck on “Update Requested” then it’s probably because of one of two things; either your internet connection was disrupted, or the Apple server where the update is being requested from is slow to respond likely due to high demand. The latter is fairly likely for most users right now because many people try to install new iOS software the moment is released.

Fortunately this is usually really easy to fix, simply waiting it out and letting the iPhone sit will typically resolve this problem.

Update requested stuck

If waiting does not resolve the problem, skip ahead to the “how to fix” section further below.

iOS 13 Stuck on “Estimating Time Remaining”

If iOS 13 update is stuck on the “estimating time remaining” screen, this is just a variation of ht same “update requested” issue. When we say ‘stuck’ we mean stuck for a very long time, not just a few minutes.

What this usually means is that Apple servers are overloaded with requests to download and install the iOS 13 software update.

iOS 13 stuck on estimated time remaining

Usually, having simple patience will resolve this issue. Try leaving your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch plugged in and powered on for a while and see if it resolves on it’s own, it should.

If waiting for a while does not resolve this issue (for example if you left your iPhone on overnight and it’s still stuck on “estimating time remaining” for iOS 13) then you’ll want to skip ahead to the solutions section further below in this article.

iOS 13 Stuck on “Verifying Update” or “Preparing to Update”

If your iPhone is seemingly stuck “verifying” or “preparing” for the iOS 13 update, once again you might find that simply waiting and having patience can resolve this problem.

If you have already waited a while (several hours) and feel there is no progress, you might want to proceed with the next troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Most iOS 13 Update Download Problems

  1. Open the “Settings” app
  2. Go to “General” and then to “iPhone Storage” (or iPad Storage)
  3. Locate “iOS 13” in the list and tap on that
  4. Tap on “Delete Update” and confirm that you want to remove the update from the device
  5. Delete the iOS 13 update

  6. Restart the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by turning the device off and back on again (or hard reboot)
  7. Return to “Settings” > General > Software Update and click “Download & Install” when iOS 13 shows up again
  8. iOS 13 download and install

This process of removing the update from the device, restarting, then downloading and installing iOS 13 again will usually resolve most issues with the initial update process.

Note you can also use a similar trick but by toggling AirPlane mode first, which is how to cancel and stop an iOS update while it’s actively downloading yet before it has started installing, for example if you started downloading iOS 13 but decided you don’t want to install it quite yet.

iOS 13 Stuck on Apple Logo, Progress Bar, etc

Sometimes the initial download of iOS 13 proceeds as expected, but the iOS 13 update gets stuck on a progress bar, or the screen gets stuck on an Apple logo.

In these situations your first approach should be to express patience, simply plug-in the device and let it sit for a while.

If at all possible, you do not want to have to interrupt a system software update as doing so can cause data loss and require the device to be restored from a backup using iTunes or a computer.

iOS 13 Update Stuck on Apple Logo or Progress Bar for a Very Long Time (ie: 12+ hours)?

This is rare, but if an iOS 13 update is truly stuck on the Apple logo or a progress bar after being left alone for a very long time (for example, over 12 hours while plugged in), then you may need to restore the iPhone using Recovery Mode or DFU mode, this requires a computer with iTunes or a Mac running Catalina, and a USB cable.

If you do not have a backup available you may suffer from permanent data loss of anything on the device.

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Of course another option is to contact Apple for official support and guidance to deal with iOS 13 update issues.

Did you experience any problems updating to iOS 13? Were you able to resolve them with the tips above? Share your experiences with installing the iOS 13 update in the comments below.


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